Site Modification Log Blog - 2017


The term blog is derived from blending the two words web and log, hence blog. This page is that in a literal sense, in that it is a web site log.

Not much to see here. This page exists mostly for the benefit of the author. It was begun fairly well into the development of the site on 11/3/2011. I wish I would have logged site development to begin with, but oh well, better late then never. Todo List Here | Caught My Interest

Log - 2017

2017-08-12 - Useful Commands - Issue this command from within the directory where you wish rename some files. In this case, the command will find any file name containing "replacethis", and replace "replace this" with "withthis".

rename -v 'replacethis' 'withthis' *

To simply remove characters issue the following command. With this example "replacethis" just goes away.

rename -v 'replacethis' '' *

I also posted these commands on my useful Linux commands page.

2017-01-01 - Happy New Year