About this site:

This site serves as an additional outlet to create web content. Web developers will know what I am talking about. I like to make web sites and I like to write. I run several other web sites; for my job, personal use, and a couple commercial sites. On those sites I am limited to a narrow focus of content. Creating this personal web site allows me to create whatever content I wish.

Why not just use Facebook? Because I don't want to. Why create content for Facebook? If I am going to take the time to create content, I am going to own it and present it in any way I see fit. Granted, my reach is limited with this site, but that's ok, as I said, I have other sites where I have a much larger audience. The narrow confines of Facebook are very unappealing. And Twitter? Twitter is fine, but my attention span is longer than ten word paragraphs. If you are wondering, I do have both Twitter and Facebook accounts. Just remember, as they say, if you are using a product that's free, you're the product.

This site, while I may someday run advertising, will likely never be a commercial success. That's ok.

Need to know anything else? Contact me at jerryjones@jonesjerry.com.

Future plans for www.jonesjerry.com.

Site development log (aka blog).


Technical details about this site.

This site is hand coded. There is no CMS (content management system) employed here. In fact, this site is written entirely via command line. The site design is my own and is engineered for simplicity and speed. The formatting may seem boring, but it is clean and fast. I wish the web was this way in it's entirety. I hate slow loading, processor hogging, sites.

This site is hosted on a Linode server and in the event of a failure at Linode, it fails over to EC2. The entire site, including HTML, is delivered via CDN (content delivery network). I am using Amazon CloudFront for the CDN. Everything is engineered for speed. I hope it delivers.

About the author.

Just a regular guy with a strong interest in technology. My first website went online in 1994.