I am Jerry Jones from Colorado.

If you wish to contact me, email me at jerryjones@jonesjerry.com. If you would like to comment without providing your email address, you can use my web form, here.

Things I like, in no particular order.

  1. Arvada, Colorado - northwest Jefferson County area really.
  2. 80s Music (listened to rarely but remembered fondly)
  3. Chevy Novas
  4. Linux Servers - Ubuntu, Specifically
  5. Microsoft Access (favorite Windows application)
    A great alternative to Microsoft Money, Quicken, or Quickbooks, if you want to take the time to write a good app for this purpose. I did just this, and am thrilled with the end result. Much better than the previously mentioned vendor's products. I may make my Access applications available on jonesjerry.com at a later date. With Microsoft Access, your data is yours. It's not hog tied by Quicken or any other financial software vendor. You can manipulate it and export it In any way you see fit. You're also not locked into incessant upgrade requirements.
  6. Fedora Linux (KDE Spin), for desktop computers. I still run Microsoft Windows in a Virtualbox because I need Microsoft Access and Quickbooks. The Linux alternatives just don't cut it.
  7. Diesel Trucks
  8. CSS
  9. Elk Hunting
  10. Camping
  11. Fall and Spring
  12. The Internet
  13. Fishing
  14. Those who pay their own way.
  15. Web Development (this is where I waste too much of my time)
  16. HTML
  17. High Mountain Places
  18. History
  19. Linux and Microsoft, yes both of them. Microsoft made computing available to the masses (capitalism at its best), and Linux is just a superior operating system (and free).
  20. The Melting Pot
  21. PHP
  22. Taco Time Crispy Bean Burritos (when traveling out of state)
  23. Antiques, and Old Stuff in General
  24. Cycling
  25. Ford Motor Company
  26. A Good Book
  27. My Job
  28. My Business
  29. My Other Business
  30. Camp fires
  31. Amazon.com
  32. Amazon Web Services
  33. Gmail via Google Apps
  34. Smart Phones